VibePad - Portable Neck Body Massager

Achieve The Proper Relaxation You Deserve!

Too lazy to go out for a professional massage? No worries! VibePad will take you to a much needed place of relaxation right in the comfort of your own home.

This incredible stick-on massager gives you powerful vibrations throughout your body. VibePad is made to stimulate your lymphatic and blood circulation, promoting reduced muscle tension.

Key Benefits

Three-Button Operation - Aside from the usual on-and-off buttons, this functional neck massager allows you to increase and decrease the intensity of the kneading effect. VibePad has also a special button to switch between your preferred modes.

Massage Multiple Areas - VibePad perfectly adheres and adapts to any area of the body. This cervical massager works wonders in relieving muscle pain in your neck, back, waist, buttocks, and legs.

Easy To Use - Maneuver this amazing massager with ease. Simply remove the film, select your desired modes and combinations and allow yourself to decompress.

Portable Size - Take relaxation to another level anywhere you go. This compact two-piece massager has a USB charging feature, promotes wireless use, and is easy to carry.

Vendor: The Shopper's Retreat
Color: 2pcs set, 2pcs patch