SodaStack - Portable Soda Can Organizer

Keep All Your Soda Cans Organized At All Times!

Store all your favorite soda cans in one place with the help of this handy SodaStack. The SodaStack helps you save space in your fridge and prevents cans from being scattered around your kitchen.

Better yet, the SodaStack doubles as a carrier tool, allowing you to transport multiple cans with ease. This makes the SodaStack a great tool to have during picnics, backyard barbecues, or simply in your kitchen.

Key Benefits

Convenient Design - The handy SodaStack is made to make storing and organizing soda cans so much easier. It's built with four cylindrical slots that are a perfect fit for your regular-sized soda can.

Portable Size - For your convenience, the SodaStack comes with a sturdy handle so that it's easy to carry around. This allows you to carry multiple cans all at once without a hassle.

Durable Material - Made with thick and cold-resistant material, the SodaStack is set to last for years. Not only that, but it is able to keep its shape no matter how long it's used.

Large Capacity - Our amazing SodaStack can carry multiple cans all at once. It comes with four perfectly-sized slots that will securely  hug each soda can that you store in it.

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Color: Orange, Green, Yellow