BunchChomp - 5 Blade Salad Scissors

Bid Farewell To Time-Consuming Chopping With This in Your Kitchen!

Looking for that perfect kitchen tool that can give you a convenient chopping experience? Free yourself from the tedious work of mincing and chopping by using the BunchChomp.These herb scissors are a kitchen must-have since they grant you an effortless and flawless finish with your garnishes. BunchChomp produce thin and clean cuts without crushing or bruising the herbs.

Key Benefits

Hassle-Free Cutting - Chopping herbs require a lot of time and work that can be strenuous on your arms. BunchChomp saves you time and effort so that you can prepare dishes in a faster pace.

High-Quality Material - These functional herb scissors are made of food-grade material. BunchChomp is made of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Easy-To-Clean - Worried about herbs sticking in between the blades? Fear not! Fork out the remaining herbs and rinse with running water to remove herbs stuck in between.Versatile

Tool - These unique kitchen scissors are mainly designed to assist you with your kitchen needs. However, the BunchChomp can also wonderfully function as a paper shredder.

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Color: 5 Layers, 3 Layers