PottyTurf - Realistic Grass Pee Pads

Make Potty Training Feel More Inviting For Your Pet

Potty training can be overwhelming for pets, which is why the PottyTurf is a necessity for every indoor space. It’s designed to look like an actual grass patch, making your pet feel more comfy and in their element.

Simply place a tray under the PottyTurf to catch any dirt or liquids that come from your pet. To make things better, the PottyTurf is reusable and easy to clean.

Key Benefits

Large Area - The PottyTurf is large enough to ensure that your pet finds the perfect spot to go potty on. This also allows your pet to scurry around and get comfy before doing the deed.

Premium Material - The PottyTurf is made of tough PE material that’s weather resistant and long-lasting. In fact, it looks extremely realistic, making your pet feel like they’re doing potty outdoors.

Practical Design - Its texture and appearance is like actual grass, except you have the option to position it anywhere indoors. It can even be used as a floor mat or a training mat for your pet.

Easy To Clean - This handy PottyTurf is fitted with a vertical drainage feature. It drains any type of liquid in an instant to prevent pooling or overflowing.