CookieStamp - Wood Cookie Cutter

Make Cookies That Are So Beautiful That They Will Be Hard To Eat!

Create artwork in the form of delicious cookies with the help of our premium CookieStamp. The CookieStamp comes in a variety of designs, making each batch of cookies fun and unique.

Use our premium CookieStamp with any of your famous cookie recipes and create a platter filled with festive treats. The CookieStamp produces amazing cookies that are great gifts to friends and loved ones.

Key Benefits

Premium Material - Made with high-quality material, the CookieStamp will last you for years of baking! Each wooden mold keeps their intricate shape even with frequent use.

Beautiful Design - Our amazing CookieStamp was made to make your baking sessions so much more fun. You can make each cookie even more beautiful with the addition of icing and sprinkles.

Easy To Use - Simply roll out your dough and use the CookieStamp to shape the cookies. You'll come out with perfectly molded and unique cookies each time!

Perfect Gift - Make your friends or loved one's pantries so much more interesting during the holidays by gifting them the CookieStamp. Even better, you can bake them cookies molded from the CookieStamp during any holiday or celebration.

Vendor: We have special gifts
Color: Pine cones, Bird, Hedgehog, Violets, Beanies, Nut